GN 756 / ST 756 (Computational Molecular Evolution)

Instructor: Jeff Thorne

Monday and Wednesday and Friday:  11:20A.M. - 12:10 P.M.

Room 140 in the Marye Anne Fox Building


Tentative (!) Lecture Schedule

Class Project Guidelines

Lecture Notes 8/19/15 [ Introduction]

Lecture Notes 8/21/15 [Parsimony]

Lecture Notes 8/24/15 [Topology Searching]

Lecture Notes 8/26/15 [Introduction to Distance Methods for Phylogeny Inference]

Lecture Notes 8/31/15 [Alignment Miscellenea -- topic will be revisited later in semester with more detail]

Lecture Notes 9/11/15 [Introduction to Nucleotide Substitution Models]

Lecture Notes 9/16/15 [More Realistic Models of Sequence Change]

Lecture Notes 9/23/15 [Introduction to Likelihood and the pruning algorithm]

Lecture Notes 9/25/15 [Some model comparison stuff]

Lecture Notes 9/25/15 [Introduction to Bayesian Phylogenetics]

Lecture Notes 10/2/15 [Some Bayesian Model Comparison Stuff]

Lecture Notes 10/14/15 [Introduction to the Coalescent]

Lecture Notes 10/26/15 [Estimating Interspecific Divergence Times]

Lecture Notes 11/4/15 [Some Interesting Topics Related to Viral Evolution]

Lecture Notes 11/13/15 [Introduction to Comparative Method]

Lecture Notes 11/16/15 [Dependence and population genetics in interspecific models of sequence evolution]

Lecture Notes 11/23/15 [Adding disease data to molecular evolution]

Overview of probability facts and jargon